Digital Production Platform

2020 | Amazon Web Services
 Industrial IoT Manufacturing
This partnership between Amazon Web Services and Volkswagen Group aims to bring VW's global manufacturing capabilities into the cloud.  Integrating 122 plants world-wide into a single cohesive digital platform to optimize production and reduce costs.

Defined user journeys & mental model.

Joining the project, I defined and documented the overall structure and purpose of the user interface.  Who was the product for, what do they need to do, and how does it all fit together?

I worked with product and engineering to describe and illustrate the systems we were building and brought these to our customers for feedback.
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Supported three service development teams.

Plant Connectivity
Bring data from Volkswagen plants to the cloud for analysis and development.
With the most immediate need and closest connection to the customer we went though two full product iterations before launch.

Data Catalog
Securely distribute and manage the data generated.
We integrated diverse data sources and services with the goal of providing a consistent way to request and approve access.

Application Management
Develop and distribute industrial IoT applications across a global organization.
After some work on development pipelines and app packaging the team pivoted to provide new users with a "QuickStarter Kit" which we created and launched in around 12 weeks.

Championed the "Single Entry Point"

With many independent teams, separate services and sources of information the customer experience of DPP was at risk of becoming fragmented.

Unifying DPP under a single entry point and thinking holistically about the platform highlighted the gaps people would experience when moving from one DPP service to another - transitions which should be frictionless within a single platform.   
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Created a parallax "explainer" page to introduce DPP.
(SVG and Javascript)

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