Composite image, painted in photoshop from various internet sources
A mossy skull embedded in a ruined wall

Pathfinder Community Contributions

Open source projects
Roleplaying Game
Pathfinder is a fantasy role playing game of shared storytelling in the tradition of games like Dungeons and Dragons.  I play using Foundry - open source "virtual table top" software which creates a shared experience somewhere between an online chat room and a multiplayer video game.

There's a very active community of content creators and system developers who volunteer their time to improve the hobby for everyone.  Here are some of my recent contributions.
Personal Project
Mark Pearce
"Ghostly Footsteps "
In one adventure path, the story calls for a ghostly trail to appear to lead the heroes to other clues.

I created a series of webm videos with Adobe After Effects that Game Masters can place as an overlay on their maps for a more exciting game.

To optimize the video content for such large images I dropped the fps to 15 and found that cropping unchanging image area with alpha channel led to smaller file sizes.
Dynamic Tiles for World Maps
To make my game world feel more alive, I've painted custom tiles to show how the environment may change.  So if a bridge collapses, the players discover a secret entrance, or a trap appears, they can all be reflected on the map view shared between players.

These is all simple photoshop work, done using the same assets used in the community:
Forgotten Adventures publishes a set of art assets, textures and brushes which content creators can use to paint their own maps.
Narchy's maps for Abomination Vaults
Narchy is a content creator who made maps for the "Abomination Vaults" adventure path - which I'm playing with friends online.
Mysterious Eye Trap - With Photoshop Painting
Hidden Enterance
Collapsing Bridge
Git Contributions
I'm no engineer, but I can hack my way around existing code pretty well, or find my way to solve a particular problem,
Repeated Skill Challenges
This module lets players resolve multiple rolls with the click of a button.  I needed to update the socketIO and add async methods in javascript. 

github repo
Exploration Activities
There were two mods in the community, one that let you select an "activity' and another that displayed them on your token in the VTT.  This change connects them.

github repo
Skill Action Dialog
I wrote this from scratch.  I'm sure its horrible .js code! But it allows players to select from any skill in the game, and role one of its related actions. Not bad for a designer!
github repo
Hazard Icons
A few indicators of hazards or traps in the game, derived from internet internet sources, edited and comped.